Mr Fox, folk rock band

Mr Fox was a folk rock band which Carole Pegg and I formed in 1970. We made two LPs for Transatlantic Records. Originally a six piece - with woodwind and cello - we cut down to four; on the left in the photo Alan Eden (drums) and Barry Lyons (bass). Our music was inspired by the bands that used to play for the Yorkshire Dales village dances in the early 20th century. Carole played raw country fiddle, I played wind and keyboards. We wrote our own songs. Mr Fox was feted by the Guardian, and shot at in Manchester. Our first gig was in the Royal Festival Hall, and our best the Lakeland Lounge in Accrington.

Mr Fox album cover

Mr Fox's name, and the title of the band's first album, were taken from an old English folk tale (Shakespeare knew it) about a young woman who manages to outwit a serial killer. The second album, The Gipsy, features a 13 minute title track which chronicles the narrator's quest for his Traveller lover through the Yorkshire Dales. Both albums are available on a single CD, Join Us in Our Game

Mr Fox, The Gipsy, album cover
The Shipbuilder album cover

After Mr Fox I made an eponymous album with Nick Strutt, followed by The Shipbuilder (1974), a Gothic story of passion and betrayal that extended across both sides of the album, as did my solo record of the following year, Ancient Maps.

The Last Wolf was recorded in 1996, after I had moved to the Highlands. It was re-released by Talking Elephant, with extra tracks, in 2018.

Last Wolf album cover

Bob Pegg